Love Triangle?

August 12, 2008

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has been linked to a number of starlets, but his most serious relationships have been with Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson. Romo and Underwood broke up about a year ago, and then Tony found Jessica and they’ve been on-again off-again ever since. Although, to let Carrie Underwood tell it Tony hasn’t completely moved on.

By way of the National Ledger, who cites US Weekly quoting Carrie Underwood from the September issue of Allure magazine, Romo is still dialing Underwood’s number.

Among the bombshells revelations from the country singer is that Romo, whom she dated for six months last year, still calls to chat – but doesn’t always receive a warm reception. “The phone will ring and it’ll be him, and I’ll maybe not answer,” she tells the mag. 

Tony could be calling Carrie “to chat” but if it’s to the point that she’s avoiding his call sometimes I’m guessing the conversations are more than “hey, how ya doin?”. It sounds like a love triangle to me. Rumor has it that Jessica Simpson took a pregnancy test and the results said she’s not pregnant. Too bad. A baby would have raised the stakes in the ladies Texas Hold Him contest.

Oh my Good Lord! How many more months does this need to keep going on? I could see how they would come to the conclusion from the Allure piece, but this is digging a little deep. Pregnancy tests? Babies? Love triangles? What absolute BS. Next the media/bloggers will be trying to put across the idea that Carrie Underwood’s dog Ace isn’t actually hers but Tony Romo’s- and he wants it back!

Gawd I can see the tabloids now- “Carrie Underwood stole my dog and I want it back…OR ELSE!” Not that I could ever see Romo with a little rat terrier like Ace but seriously, the media/bloggers will literally make up anything for attention.


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